Ally's Weighted Objectives feature allows objective owners and creators to assign specific weights that will effect how scoring and progress role up. 

If your organization has Weighted Objectives enabled you may come across objectives that look like this.

  • In this example, Deliver API v2 has a weight of 2x meaning that the progress it carries will be doubled when rolling up the parent objective. 
  • Ship mobile app for Android is also is weighted, except in this case its weight is 0x. This meaning that none of its progress will be rolled up to the parent objective. 

We can see that "Deliver product innovations" currently displays 50% because of the weighting that we have added. 

The same Objective would otherwise have 33% without the weighting.

How to add weights

Weights can be set or edited from the action dropdown by selecting "Weight" and then choosing your appropriate weight.

You also can access weighting from the edit page.

If you have an enterprise subscription and would like to have this enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to with the request. 

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