With Ally's newly updated Clone feature, creating copies of objectives for future quarters can be completed with the click of a button. 

When to Clone 

Say you are scoring and closing Objectives in Q2 in preparation for Q3. You notice that you have unfinished Objectives which you would like to continue working on. You might decide to roll them over to Q3.

The updated Clone feature is a more effective way to do this than simply editing the time period of the unfinished Objective. By making a clone, you can ‘reset’ the Objective progress for the next time period, while saving your progress in the current time period - otherwise it would appear as though you haven't made any progress at all in Q2! You can edit the cloned Objective to reflect the leftover portion of the goal in Q3, while making sure that the work you’ve already accomplished is still attributable to Q2. 

How to Clone

Simply hover over the Objective and select ‘Clone’ from the dropdown on the far right. You can also do this from the Objective page by selecting Actions -> Clone. 

The cloned Objective and its key results will appear in the time period you choose. You have the ability to clone both objective and key results or simply the objective. 

Feel free to tweak the clone, including changing key results or KPI to reflect the remaining work in the new time period.

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