Ally allows quick and easy integration with Slack so that your team can add and update OKRs without having to switch away. Moreover, notifications in Slack ensure you never again miss an OKR update again.

Once Ally and Slack are integrated, users can do the following from within Slack:

  • View OKRs - Users can view their own OKRs, those of the team, a team member or of the organization. 
  • Add/Edit Objectives - Users can create new Objectives or make edits to existing ones.
  • Check-in - Users can make check-ins to their Objectives including postponing or marking as done. 


  • Easy update: The integration allows users to add new OKRs or check-ins in seconds from directly within Slack, without any context switch
  • Timely notifications: Users can receive notifications in Slack real-time and stay on top of OKR updates.
  • Stay connected: A private channel created between a user and their manager/reportee improves collaboration 


To link your Slack workspace with Ally, navigate to Admin > Integrations > Slack in your Ally account. Click on ‘Add to Slack’. Next, select the workplace from the top right corner of the page, and click on ‘Authorize’.

Once linked to your Slack workspace, all team members would see the ally bot under ‘Apps’. This is where they can view, add or update OKRs.


As an admin, you can configure for what events your team receives updates on Slack. Navigate to Admin > Integrations > Slack and click on ‘Manage’.

To set up notifications, click on ‘Add Notification’. In the popup that appears, choose:

  1. Send To: Select a channel or a person to whom the notifications would be published.
  2. Entities: Choose which type of OKRs the notifications belong to - the organization’s, a specific team’s or an individual’s.
  3. Events: Select from an array of options when you’d like to publish the notification - during a check-in or when an Objective is closed, perhaps?
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