You can use the following commands within your Slack workspace to view, add or update your OKRs.

To list your OKRs, use one of the following commands:

/ally list my okrs
/ally list

To see objectives of other team members, use

/ally list @name's OKRs 

For example, 

/ally list @dana's OKRs

To see objective's of a team, use

/ally list <team_name> OKRs 

For example, 

/ally list Marketing OKRs 

By default, objectives listed are for the current period/quarter. To see objectives in other periods, use

/ally list <period> OKRs

For example: 

/ally list @dana's Q1 OKRs

To retrieve and focus on OKRs that are behind, you can use one of the following commands: 

/ally list OKRs at risk
/ally list OKRs that need attention


To add a new Objective, use the following command

/ally add 

 In the popup that appears, add details of your new Objective.


You and your team can make quick check-ins using the following command:

/ally checkin

 Choose an Objective, and in the popup that appears, add your status.

NOTE: When a team member adds a new Objectives, or makes a check-in, Ally automatically creates a channel in Slack between them and their manager, creating a private space for them to discuss progress.


To search for a OKRs with a specific keyword, say 'publish', use the following command:

/ally search publish

To limit your search to a time period, use

/ally search publish in Q1 2018


/ally off

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